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Simple. Click on - list your company. Fill out your company's information. Select all categories that apply to your services. Pay your subscription fee and get listed.

We market and advertise so you don't have to. We bring clients to you! When a person searches looking for a cleaning they will see our website. They will then select the type of services that they need and then will be giving a list of companies to choose from.

Whether you clean residential or commercial are a large company or clean by yourself we invite you to sign up. We welcome all carpet, window and residential/commercial cleaners.

Looking for a cleaner uses several social media platforms to drive business to the website. The more we do the better for you. It's convenient and simple.

Coming soon

If you choose to cancel your subscription you will finish your current subscription for the month. We do not prorate the subscription. The best way to cancel is to contact us via email. We will help you out with this process.

If you are having issues seeing your company please contact us via email to resolve this situation.

We would love to help you out. Contact us via email and we will get on top of the issue. 

We accept debit and credit cards, wallet accounts as well as bank transfers.

The monthly subscription fee is $29.99

It all comes down to personal preference. By doing a yearly subscription you save 10%.

Let us help you by taking one headache away from you. We work by bringing business to you. We use social media platforms, radio and TV ads to bring people who are looking for cleaners to our website. Once on the website they will be able to select categories that apply to their needs. If those categories match your company, they will be able to contact you.